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Storia culturale degli Etruschi

That of the Etruscans is a culture that has long remained mysterious and has never ceased to gain the attention of scholars of all eras. Open to the decisive Greek and oriental influences, but also projected towards the neighboring populations of central and northern Italy, it managed to make its echo reach beyond the Alps.
Of this people, Sybille Haynes outlines the peculiar character and follows the historical evolution, accompanying readers among the most significant and fascinating places, finds and testimonies. Through a vast repertoire of sources it reconstructs their life and death, religion, language, architecture, art and much more: in particular the female condition is investigated with unprecedented attention. In fact, from the dedicated in-depth studies, it emerges that Etruscan women, at least those of the upper class, enjoyed substantial equality of social consideration compared to men and a freedom that was anything but usual in antiquity.
A journey through images allows you to explore and closely observe the Etruscan world within an overall framework whose organization is marked by following the great stages of its history, from its origins to the Roman annexation, along all the moments of flowering, crisis and rebirth. A world which, placed at the center of the trade and influences of the Mediterranean, has been able to absorb, unify and pass on habits and customs to the origins of our culture.
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Translation of
Topic Books
Collection Saggi sull'antico
Publisher Johan & Levi
Size 16,5x24 cm
Pages 520
Illustrations 302 color images
Published on 11/2023
ISBN 9788860102980


Storia culturale degli Etruschi
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